If you need support outside your My Slimming Group meetings, you can always visit your My Slimming Group wall to post thoughts or questions, and/or send direct messages to your fellow members. Our community boards are also a great place to find support, get questions answered, and swap ideas.  


If you’re within your first three months of joining Slimming World, you can get support via live chat, which will be available from 8am-11pm Central time Monday through Thursday, 8am - 10pm Central time on Fridays, and 8:30am-4:30pm Central time Saturdays and Sundays.  Simply look out for the red box on the website and click on it to begin your chat session.


Remember, the members’ site has lots of other content that can be of great help when you need support and inspiration, including tons of features, Food Optimizing guides, recipes, Syns tools, a Weight Loss Planner, progress tracker and more.