Absolutely! Unlike many other diets or eating plans, the generosity and flexibility of Food Optimizing allows you to choose the foods you want to eat, which means it's suitable for every dietary requirement or preference.


Please note we're unable to give specific advice on individual medical conditions, including food allergies or intolerances, and we recommend you seek professional medical advice from your doctor or a registered dietitian.


This advice should include tailored recommendations for your needs, explaining exactly which foods you need to avoid or limit, and how to still have a balanced and enjoyable diet while avoiding any problem foods.


Once you become a member, you can let us know about any food allergies during the joining process, and we'll provide you with information to help guide you on how to Food Optimize successfully while managing these.

Please note, this is not meant to be medical advice. Please consult with your physician or another medical professional before using Slimming World and follow their treatment advice.