If you're new to Slimming World, you will be warmly welcomed as the group gets started. At the core of our group meetings is IMAGE Therapy. This stands for Individual Motivation and Group Experience and it's the time when everyone in the online group can share their successes and any problems, and then discover solutions together.


The online group meeting will happen weekly at the time you’ve chosen. When you join Slimming World as a member, you’ll choose a group day and time that works best for your schedule.  When you weigh in before group, you may choose to share your weekly result (just the weight change, never your actual weight) or keep it private. If you choose to share your weight change, the group will see your loss, gain, or maintain. They’ll celebrate your successes, and rally around if you’re unhappy with your result. There’s no judgment and no possibility of failure because everyone taking part in the group meeting has made a choice to work towards a healthier weight. That alone is worth celebrating!


If you don’t share your weight change, of course you’re still very welcome to attend your group meeting to get the support and inspiration you need, as well as to support your fellow members.