Absolutely not! That's part of our promise to you. Your weight is never revealed to anyone. Every week when you weigh in, you’ll have the option to either share your weight change result with your Slimming Group, or keep it privateit’s up to you.


One of the wonderful things about your Slimming Group is that you’re going through your weight loss journey with a group of people who are experiencing the same journey. So your group meeting is filled with understanding, empathy, support, and encouragement.


Of course it’s easier to share and celebrate during weeks when you lose weight. But most members tell us that sharing even an unwelcome gain is extremely helpful because of the incredible support given during those tough times.  

At Slimming World, no week is a failure. No one will ever be disappointed in your result. Everyone going through this knows that a weight loss journey will always have some ups and downs along the way. Every week, just the fact that you are here weighing in, coming to group, and continuing to strive to make positive changes in your life is something to celebrate! While weigh-in results are an important way to track progress (and studies show those who track results end up losing more weight), Slimming World is really about celebrating you and your journey, and helping you reach your goals.