Unlike other weight loss services, Slimming World offers unique support that goes way beyond learning what to eat and when to eat. Our support system is based on more than 49 years of deep understanding of how it feels to be overweight.  

Our support system provides all the tools, information, motivation, and inspiration you need to accomplish a wonderful weight loss in the weeks ahead and feel great about your stunning achievement. More than that, the support you'll receive will heighten your awareness of where things could go wrong and help you develop strategies for lifelong success. Your weekly online Slimming Group is the perfect place to not only receive that support, but offer it to your fellow slimmers, too. 

Each week, starting seven days after you join, you'll be reminded to enter your new weight details and join your weekly Slimming Group online meeting. Depending on your progress you'll receive personalized help, support and encouragement tailored to help you achieve your personal target weight.


Throughout the website you'll find a wealth of insightful features that focus on Food Optimizing meals, snacks and menus, slimming strategies, and unique concepts like visualization and Flexible Syns to help you on your journey and boost your weekly weight loss.