The beauty of Food Optimizing is that eating out fits in perfectly with the plan. Although it’s difficult to give accurate Syn values for restaurant meals (each restaurant will cook the same dish in a different way), choosing Free or low-Syn options where possible (such as lean grilled steak, plain baked potatoes and steamed vegetables) will ensure your meal is as Food Optimizing-friendly as possible.


The features section on the website is brilliant for help with eating out. There are loads of features packed full of advice and tips on different cuisines, whether you’re eating at a bar or restaurant, or enjoying takeout. For quick reference to some popular dishes, see the "Eating out" section in your Food Optimizing book. You can also find this online in the downloadable Syns list available from the Slimming World essentials section.

Don’t forget you can always choose to use Flexible Syns to find out about this guilt free way to enjoy your special occasion. Lastly, don’t worry too much – enjoy your meal out. When you get home, just go back to Food Optimizing as usual, without that guilty feeling.