You can… see what happens! It might be that you don’t lose weight that week, however you’ll have discovered something fascinating about yourself and Food Optimising.
You may, though, find that saving Syns is counter-productive in the long run – that Syn-free days aren’t really Syn-free (it’s so easy for them to sneak in, even when we’re doing our level best to stick with Free Food and Healthy Extras!), and that our high-Syn weekend leads us back to those habits that caused us to gain weight in the first place.
To form habits that really will last a lifetime, ask in your online group or search the site for those tried and tested strategies that have helped Food Optimizers to plan for their weekend (or party, or holidays… or whatever the challenging event might be). Work out how you’ll stick with unlimited Free Food, measured Healthy Extras and counted Syns (maybe with a few extra – agreed in advance with yourself – just for that day) – to stay beautifully in control, to achieve the weight loss you’d love that week, to protect your future success... and ultimately achieve your dream weight.