At Slimming World, we recognize that to lose weight healthily and comfortably, and to sustain that weight loss, slimmers need and want to eat lots of “real” food, not diet food!  

What makes Food Optimizing so fast, effective and enjoyable is the masterstroke of genius known as Free Food. Free Food is food that is low in energy density and high in appetite satisfaction, or to put it a different way – low in calories, but very filling.


Food Optimizing gives you an incredible choice of hundreds of Free Foods - this list contains a massive variety of delicious, satisfying foods that you can eat as much of as you like. There's no measuring, weighing or counting - you need never be hungry or feel guilty about eating again! And when you're free from the fear of hunger and guilt, the urge to overeat will disappear.


Members have access to the list of Free Foods and lots of online features about how to shop, cook and slim with Free Foods. For more information members should head over to our Slimming World essentials section.