Make no mistake; even though there’s nothing you can’t eat, you’ll be making positive, doable changes to the way you eat, shop and cook.

We’ll be asking you to stock up on Free Foods, the foods you can eat until you’re satisfied. Free Foods are everyday foods you’ll find in any grocery store, including...

  • lean meat and poultry

  • fish and seafood

  • potatoes

  • pasta (yes, really, pasta!)

  • rice

  • eggs

  • beans and lentils

  • fruits and vegetables

  • plus tons of spices, seasonings and pantry staples!

You can enjoy these foods in unlimited amounts, anytime you want—day or night. There’s no need to weigh, measure, or count your Free Food. Rely on Free Food, make your meals out of Free Food, fill up your plate with Free Food, snack on Free Food.

The great news is these changes won't bring the usual pain and anxiety that you may have come to associate with “dieting” because with Food Optimizing, you'll never have to go hungry and you won't be checking/weighing/measuring every food you eat for its calorie/points content.