With Food Optimizing, no food or drink is off limits!


Slimming World's stroke of genius is our concept of Free Foods, formulated specifically to avoid feelings of deprivation. We know that it’s no good telling people they can eat as many carrots as they want or that they can eat salad until it’s coming out of their ears. It leaves us uninspired and hungry.

With Food Optimizing you eat until you're satisfied. You're actively encouraged to pile your plate high with normal, everyday foods that will satisfy the heartiest appetite—eggs, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, some fat-free dairy products, pasta, beans, rice and grains.

Being given a list of unlimited Free Food may seem outrageous. Understandably, slimmers are often skeptical at first, having lived much of their lives in fear of "forbidden foods". Discovering the vast range of unrestricted Free Foods is wonderfully liberating, and it’s the key to your weight loss success!